What Are The First Steps Needed To Get A Book Published?

The first step is to decide your big-picture goal for your work. Why are you writing, and do you expect someone to read what you have written? These two questions do not necessarily rely on one another. You may be writing because it fulfills something inside you that needs expression. Maybe you have an extraordinary story, and the act of writing it down helps you evaluate the experience. There are many reasons for you to write. But the next question is whether you want to publish your work for someone else’s eyes.

Now the goal becomes more challenging. Do you have expectations of recognition, validation, and wealth? Do you want to make a difference because you have come out of a dark time triumphant and want to share your wisdom? Do you want to use your writing to enhance business prospects? There is no right or wrong answer, but the more honesty you infuse into your process, the better the result.

Step One: Examine your big-picture goals for writing a book.

Step Two: Think about who will be reading your book.

Step Three: Seek ways to perfect the quality of your book.

Step Four: Think of how you will reach your audience.

Step Five: Decide upon what path to publishing you hope to take.

Let’s start with Step One:

Step One: This requires a great deal of self-examination. Deb’s Book Paradise is a sister site to Micro Publishing Media, a hybrid/traditional indie publishing company and Author Branding Solutions. I am shamelessly going to recommend the services we offer because I, Deb, if you didn’t already know, have spent thirty years in all aspects of the publishing industry. Our services were carefully designed to give any aspiring author the tools needed to succeed.

We recommend you start with a publishing consultation to decide on what path is right for you. If you are new to the publishing business, you have a lot to learn. We will prepare you for the challenges and realities. You wouldn’t retire from one career and decide to become a brain surgeon overnight without any training, would you? We are professionals with the experience to help you bypass years of the learning curve if you are willing to listen and learn.

I spent my first years writing terrible book proposals until I mastered the skill. I co-authored with my literary agent husband, Jeff Herman, the book Write the Perfect Book Proposal, which has helped over 250,000 aspiring authors navigate the publishing path. Jeff has sold over 1,000 nonfiction books to traditional publishers, thirteen of which were mine. We know a thing or two about this biz, and that is why I offer author services.

Take a look at what we have to offer. You might think our fees are high, but we are experts, and you will get results from our guidance. You may not need everything, and we make sure we scrutinize your needs before either of us make any commitments. If you have the desire to write, you don’t want that spark squelched by an industry that answers to a bottom line. There are many fine alternatives to traditional publishing and ways to get past the gatekeepers if traditional is your goal. We can help.

We will continue with the steps in our next article.