Why books for holiday gifts?

In a world of fast technology and instant gratification, we believe that books are tangible and forever. We don't mind the convenience of E-books, and the books we publish are available in that format, but we are old-fashioned and love the feel of a book. 

We comb the hillsides and all the secret places to find our gently loved and like new titles. We like the classics, and we are not just referring to literature. We have books that have changed the consciousness of people seeking self-help or spirituality. We have books on parenting that, even if they were written in the 1990s, have wisdom for today. 

We are the little guy in the big world of online book buying, but you will find a personality in our choices. We hope you will browse all of our genres as if you were visiting some out-of-the-way bookstore you happen upon while driving aimlessly into the countryside. We want it to be an adventure for you. If this were a physical rather than a virtual bookstore, we would invite you in for tea and allow you to sit as long as you like in a comfy chair. Our resident feline might visit you, who will harumph at you and then cozy up into your lap. 

We would have book clubs and discuss topics of interest to you and a few of your friends. We designed our store with the understanding that people have niche interests. You may love fantasy or classic sci-fi. Or you may be on a spiritual journey and can't get enough of books about metaphysics and esoteric philosophy. Or perhaps relationships are troublesome for you. We have many books on that topic as well as having published a great book called The Truth about Marriage. 

We also have a place for writers and readers to gather at writersnetworking.com

We hope you will join us there as well. Please write to us if you want us to hunt for books that suit your interests. We love the thrill of the hunt and we have our ways. 

And last but not least, check out the book The Wonder of Words. It is a family gift book to encourage reading. It has great ideas for activities that are fun for everyone, young or old. And you can bundle it with our Reading Bear. We commissioned it especially for Debs Book Paradise.