Why Work with Us

Deborah Herman has been a publishing industry insider for over 25 years. Herman began as an author and then a literary agent to learn the business side of how books go from idea to shelves. Through his literary agency, her husband, Jeff Herman, has sold over 1,000 books to traditional publishers, thirteen of which were written by Deborah.  During her time with the agency, Deborah reviewed thousands of submissions, curated titles, and helped develop them for submission to publishers.

Deborah is a bestselling author in her own right aside from having a Juris Doctorate Degree combined with a Masters Degree in Journalism. As if that wasn’t enough, Deborah took advanced MBA level training at Rutgers through their mini MBA program in Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. In 2015, Deborah branched away from the literary agent side to assist writers in achieving publishing success with a system that works.

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How We Begin

Intake Strategy Development

We start by getting to know you, your message, and your vision. We combine our knowledge of publishing with digital marketing expertise for a comprehensive plan of action.

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Your Manuscript

After we know your goals we need to assess your work. We provide a professional editorial diagnostic of your book and will give you a blueprint of how to proceed. In over 25 years in the publishing industry we have never met a book that didn't need improvement to compete in the publishing world. You will receive a personalized memo explaining what works, what needs work and how to fix your book.

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Publishing and Book Proposal Consultation

We offer other consulting services and are a one stop shop. We offer writing coaching, book design, and some publishing services. We offer professional book proposal consultation for those who wish to submit their work to traditional publishers. We also have books to help you navigate the industry.

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