What do we have for your holiday gift giving?

We have a publishing catalog titled TV Classics Press. We love the classics and have published three books on your favorite shows. The first is a book titled Munster Memories: a Mini Coffin Table Book. Written by Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster on this iconic show, it has never-before-seen images and pictures of memorabilia shared by some of the show's greatest fans. 

This year we have created a holiday gift bundle for Munster Fans. We have commissioned a reusable tote bag that houses the book as well as two signed photographs of Eddie Munster and the Munster family signed by Butch Patrick. 

Our second book is the popular Donna Reed Pictorial Memoir: Celebrating 60 years of this wonderful show. This book is like the scrapbook we all wish we had made during those golden years of early television. We are fortunate that Donna Reed did keep many keepsakes that are housed at the Donna Reed Foundation in Iowa. Paul Petersen, who played Jeff Stone on the show, met with publisher Deborah Herman and Donna Reed's daughter, Mary Owen at the foundation to personally select the images and items pictured in the book. 

This year we have a great Donna Reed bundle with a signed photograph of Paul Petersen and the rest of the stone family, the book, a reusable one-of-a-kind tote, and a special oven mitt that says We love Donna Reed: the first Super Mom. 

Our most recent TV Classics book is TV Dinners: 40 Classic TV Kid Stars Dish Up Favorite Recipes with a Side of Memories. TV and Hollywood historian Laurie Jacobson gathered recipes and stories from the kids many of us watched grow on the small screen. We grew up beside them so this book is filled with the joy of nostalgia. 

This bundle includes the book, the reusable tote with a specially commissioned illustration, two reusable Timmy and Lassie masks and a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons so you can put the recipes to work for you. 

You can't find these gift bundles anyplace else but through Deb's Book Paradise Website. 

We hope you enjoy them and have wonderful holidays.