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Author Jon Winokur

Author of the Portable Curmudgeon

Publisher Dutton Adult (April 21, 1989)

Binding Hardcover

Condition Library Edition so is protected by Brodart covering. Very good condition with tanning from age. An unusual and very cool book 


"Zen to Go" by Jon Winokur is a collection of quotations and insights about Zen Buddhism, offering readers an accessible and engaging introduction to Zen philosophy and practice. The book is designed to provide quick, thought-provoking, and often humorous glimpses into the essence of Zen, making it a handy companion for those seeking inspiration or a moment of reflection in their daily lives. Here are some key elements typically found in the book:

1. **Quotations**: The book features a wide array of quotes from Zen masters, poets, philosophers, and modern thinkers. These quotes encapsulate the essence of Zen wisdom in a concise and impactful manner. Examples might include sayings from renowned Zen figures like Dogen, Thich Nhat Hanh, or Shunryu Suzuki.

2. **Commentary**: Jon Winokur provides brief commentaries and interpretations of the quotes, offering context and helping readers understand the deeper meanings behind the words. His commentary often highlights the practical applications of Zen principles in everyday life.

3. **Humor and Wit**: "Zen to Go" includes humorous and witty observations that reflect the playful and paradoxical nature of Zen. This light-hearted approach makes the profound teachings more relatable and easier to digest.

4. **Themes**: The book is organized around central themes of Zen practice, such as mindfulness, simplicity, compassion, non-attachment, and the present moment. Each theme is explored through a series of related quotes and insights.

5. **Accessibility**: The book is designed to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds, regardless of their familiarity with Zen. Its bite-sized format allows readers to dip in and out, making it ideal for quick moments of contemplation or as a starting point for deeper exploration.

6. **Illustrations**: Some editions of the book may include illustrations or calligraphy that enhance the aesthetic experience and complement the textual content.

Overall, "Zen to Go" serves as a portable and engaging guide to Zen philosophy, providing readers with a collection of timeless wisdom and practical insights to incorporate into their daily lives.

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