You can Whittle and Carve

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Author  Amanda Watkins Hellum and Franklin H. Gottshall

Publisher  Bonanza Books: A division of Crown Publishing

Binding  Hardcover

Condition  Very good, yellowed with age but in great shape. We have protected the dustjacket with brodart archival covering


Vintage 1942 book - You Can Whittle and Carve - Instructions & Illustrations.

Review from Goodreads: 

This book covers the types of wood and tools for carving (and reassures beginners that they, too, can carve using just a good pocketknife.) Introduces readers to several categories of carving. There are chapters on wall plaques, trays, bookends, jewelry, and animal and human figures. Along with the detailed instructions are great black and white illustrations including completed projects with patterns for over 30 different examples. Tips for using sandpaper, paint, and wax to finish and protect your artwork.

This is a great book for anybody -- kids or adults -- interested in this fascinating form of folk art. Written in 1942, the text occasionally employs that delightful vernacular of yore -- a simpler time when people could be proud of their culture and religion, carving farm and woodland animals, preachers, and even old "codger" moonshiners. (page 69). Don't miss the Author's Forward (page vii)with its intriguing bit of school history. Of special interest also is the touching Dedication to a particular teacher, Martha Berry, and how she enriched the lives of her students. Happy carving!

some of the language is dated and not currently PC. 

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