Writing Consultation with customized revision workbook

Sale price$2,000.00


The fee for this package is listed. However, it is subject to change according to the length of the work and the goal of the writer. We recommend setting up a consultation appointment prior to committing to this.


This is an expansion of the initial assessment with follow-up consultation on how to approach a developmental edit. We create a customized workbook using our diagnostic from the book assessment to help you focus your structure and through-line. This approach is helpful for any genre. It deconstructs your manuscript so you can align your purpose with your writing. We guide you but the workbook is designed to help you see for yourself what your book needs.

The ultimate goal is to assist you in finding your authentic voice. One of the greatest challenges for writers is structure. In a nonfiction book, it is easy to miss the mark of the message. In a novel or memoir what you leave out is as important as what you put in. We look for the common errors and then help you move past them.

This can be expanded into writing coaching. However, the assessment with revision workbook is often all a writer needs to move to a higher level of quality.

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