Would the Buddha Wear a Walkman?: A Catalogue of Revolutionary Tools for Higher Consciousness

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ould the Buddha Wear a Walkman? A Catalogue of Revolutionary Tools for Higher Consciousness. 


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Catalogs products and services specifically designed to expand and exercise the mind, from brain machines to new psychotherapies

From Library Journal

Reading this breezy survey of what the authors (formerly of Omni and other periodicals) term "consciousness tech" is a trip. Hooper and Teresi have personally investigated many of these mind-expansion techniques, from brain machines, dream therapies, and computer programs to goddess worship, occult schools, and magical mystery tours. Many of the summaries include interviews and quotations; addresses and bibliographies are given at the end of each. The style is lighthearted but not scoffing. Both useful and fun. Jeanne S. Bagby, formerly with Tucson P.L., Ariz. Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc. 

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