When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults

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Author  Edward Myers

Publisher   Penguin Books (July 7, 1987)

Binding Paperback

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Navigating the profound loss of a parent can be an overwhelming journey, filled with emotional turbulence and uncertainty. In "When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults 1987," author Myers offers a sensitive and long-overdue source of guidance for individuals grappling with this profound transition.

Drawing upon years of experience and heartfelt compassion, Myers provides solace and invaluable information to help make the experience of losing a parent less daunting and exhausting. This poignant guide acknowledges the complex and multifaceted nature of grief, offering practical advice while honoring the emotional depth and reality of death.

With empathy and insight, "When Parents Die" serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating the uncharted waters of bereavement. Myers' gentle yet candid approach fosters a sense of understanding and resilience, empowering readers to confront their grief with courage and grace.

Whether you're in the midst of loss or seeking guidance to support a loved one, this timeless resource offers invaluable support and reassurance. Discover the strength to navigate the journey of grief with "When Parents Die," a compassionate companion that honors the profound bond between parent and child, and offers a roadmap for healing and renewal.

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