Vertical Run

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Author Joseph R. Garber

Publisher   Bantam; First Edition (August 1, 1995)

Binding Hardcover with dustjacket

Condition like new


Vertical Run by Joseph R. Garber is a thrilling novel about David Elliot, a successful executive who becomes the target of a mysterious and relentless pursuit. One morning, Elliot arrives at his Manhattan office to find himself hunted by his colleagues, security personnel, and even a former lover. 

As Elliot struggles to survive, he discovers that he has been framed for crimes he didn't commit. He uses his military training and wits to evade capture, navigating the floors of the skyscraper where he works in a desperate bid to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy against him.

The novel is a fast-paced, action-packed tale filled with suspense, twists, and turns. It delves into themes of betrayal, survival, and the quest for justice, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as Elliot races against time to clear his name and expose the real culprits.

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