The Wonder of Words Gift Bundle with Turner Bear

Sale price$39.95


Children who read earn better grades, evolve into critical thinkers, develop higher self-esteem, and have a greater grasp on the idea of consequences and concepts like cause and effect. 

The book gives engaging tools in the form of family literacy including preschool reading resources for parents to prepare their children for a lifetime love for learning. The Wonder of Words has over 100 activities to make reading fun.

While many children are learning at home, this book includes activities that show how to increase learning skills. It also shares great ideas for parents and children reading together. 

While you can buy this book separately now, this is a special bundle available for preorder with our limited supplies shipping at the end of June. 

Meet Turner the reading bear. He is a soft cuddly 6 1/2 inch little love that shows your child or you the joy of reading. 


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