The Wonder of Words: A Parent's Guide for Raising Children Who Read

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The Wonder of Words contains more than 100 ideas to help parents engage with their children with the side benefit of raising active readers and critical thinkers.

Dr. Ivery is a nationally honored educational leader and Wayne County Community College District Chancellor.  This new book shares more than 100 tips and ideas that parents can use to raise active readers and critical thinkers. Out-of-the-box ideas make reading fun and foster an early love for creativity, curiosity, and learning. During this time of forced family togetherness, Dr. Ivery's book makes this international pandemic a blessing in disguise. If anything good can come of it, teaching families to unplug and reconnect in an atmosphere of learning is a benefit we can all use.
"All parents play a critical role in developing literate children who can strengthen their voice, confidence, and advocacy through literacy. Dr. Ivery's passion for reading and supporting parents through this book is empowering. it's insightful, practical, and most importantly, timely."–Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent, Detroit Public Schools Community District

Dr. Ivery credits early reading with fueling a lifelong passion for learning and intellectual growth.

“My parents were my first teachers,” Ivery said. “Wonder of Words is intended to foster that deep appreciation for the world of imagination and thought in the home as early as possible to grow the next generation of leaders.”Dr. Ivery has continued the tradition of his family with his grandsons.

Parents can introduce their children to books with a positive attitude and turn reading in to a family hobby and a lifelong personal habit.

"Reading habits, like anything else, must be cultivated," said Ola Ivery, Dr. Ivery's wife and partner in their literary foundation, "children are never too old or too young to read. Books should be a priority in every household and should be introduced to children at every state of their development-that includes infancy, the toddler and pre-school stages and beyond.


Dr. Curtis Ivery Fosters Family Togetherness


Dr. Ivery provides insightful and eloquent analysis for making reading a part of the everyday life and culture of parents and children. The Wonder of Words is able to draw upon established models of literacy and explain them in ways that are accessible and directly applicable to the reality of children's lives, and to new ways of teaching that are transforming K-12 education. This book outlines practices to help guide parents and children on how to successfully incorporate reading with technology, something we increasingly face in the digital age.

Dr. Ivery focuses on key areas sure to inspire reading, improve educational outcomes, and nurture family relationships. He first focuses on the connections between reading and children's imaginations to open up new ways for kids to think about reading as an exciting activity they can share with each other.

For adults, Dr. Ivery links the importance of building a culture of reading with their children and how that relates to the challenges an educational system can present so that the act of reading develops in organic response to advancing responsibilities and curriculum requirements the real world brings.



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