The Wine Bible - by Karen MacNeil-paperback

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I am a Wine & Spirits consultant in The Fabulous Florida Keys. This particular publication can be opened to any section & any page at random to fine interesting & valuable information. The Wine Bible includes history, trends & in-depth explanations for all facets of wine; drinking, growing, making & buying!
Although the publish date is more than 9 years ago, the research & factoids are completely current! My clients and I enjoy this informative & creative book very much!



This is a very good book...The author takes great pains to explain all the wines of the world...where they are grown..the type of land they are grown on ---and the connection to the local people.

This book was suggested to me by a wine aficionado--and boy !! Was she right on the money. Every single wine that I was looking for is in this book.

I cannot suggest this book enough !!

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