The UFO Technology Handbook: For Saving the Environment and Understanding the Universe

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If UFOs are real and come from other solar systems or galaxies, it follows that whoever builds them possesses technology that's tremendously beyond our abilities. How else can these civilizations get here from planets that must be at least thousands of light-years away? How do the ships move, disappear and reappear, in ways we can barely imagine? Why don't they generate fumes or contrails? What is their power source? This book crystallized what the ETs are seemingly capable of, how it's possible, and how we can match them.

Co-authored by  Paul Hynek, son of the renowned Astrophysicist arguably the father of modern UFology, this new book shows how our scientists have generated many plausible theories for how to achieve time travel and immaculate energy. There is no reason to assume that humans cannot one day stand toe to toe with the greatest powers in the universe.

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