The Truth About Marriage: All the Relationship Secrets Nobody Tells You Paperback – February 14, 2020

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I enjoyed the video a lot but had to admit that the book gave me lots of wisdom. Honestly, we all could use a fresh perspective from different sides. Great book for couples and for those who are wondering why our status remains Single even though we know that we are one heck of a catch. Reading about the different couples and the trials that they go through, and how they manage to move on is quite challenging. A strong and healthy relationship is built on the three C’s: Communication, Compromise, and Commitment. The book is a really great and awesome reference as a relationship manual or a refresher course. It’s full of wisdom and wonderful ideas but I also would like to recommend that you watch the video as well because it’s totally hilarious, entertaining, and educational. Giving this book a 5 stars and the Director, Writer, Editor, Author 10 stars. Awesome Job.


We are all doing relationships wrong. That is what Roger Nygard discovered after meeting with dozens of psychologists and relationship specialists. There are simple changes we can make that lead to far greater relationship happiness.

Nygard’s work as a feature film and documentary writer and director has focused on topics as diverse as an unparalleled, pop-culture, fandom-phenomenon known as Trekkies, an obsessive, culture of UFO enthusiasts found in Six Days In Roswell, the behind-the-scenes methods used by car salesmen in the movie Suckers, and the impossible-to-tackle topic of existentialism in The Nature of Existence For his next enquiry Nygard began a journey of discovery to solve an even bigger mystery: marriage.

Nygard became obsessed with discovering why marriage is so difficult for human beings, and what are the real secrets to a successful, happy relationship. Every generation seems to make the same mistakes over and over. We aren’t taught in school how to have good relationships. We are sent into the world to figure out this complex formula on our own, through trial and error, a bumpy process causing emotional damage to ourselves and others. THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE is an examination of the problems all those in relationships face, and a guide with specific steps from the experts that anybody can utilize to enjoy healthier, happier, more successful relationships and marriages.



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