The Thief's Only Child Paperback

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When is a child no longer yours?  
When she dies?  A year later?  Two years?  For Diane Haines the answer is never.  She will never forget her baby girl, and will never forgive Roberta Fenner, the woman who caused her death.  Six years later she discovers that Roberta is going back to prison, leaving her own four-year-old in state custody.  For Diane the situation is crystal clear: Roberta owes her a child.  It's only fair.  But Diane doesn't expect to love little Lisa so much -- as much as she loved her own child.  Keeping Lisa hidden from her birth mother becomes more than just vengeance against Roberta.  It becomes a terrifying need to protect Lisa at all costs.
When you've lost a child, can you ever get her back?   
Roberta has never stopped loving her daughter -- or shaken off the shame for what a neglectful mother she once was.  Upon her release from prison she begins her search.  She's always imagined her daughter in a happy home, loved by good people, and it's not her intention to interfere in their lives.  But when she discovers her child was somehow adopted by the very same woman whose daughter she caused the death of, she fears the worst.  Could Diane be satisfying some twisted need for revenge upon an innocent child?  Now nothing will stop Roberta from finding the child Diane has stolen from her.

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