The Theatre Audition Book: Playing Monologs from Contemporary, Modern, Period, Shakespeare, and Classical Plays- Paperback

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Here's the most comprehensive book of monologues ever compiled, with 144 audition pieces conveniently grouped into historical periods; from the classical to the contemporary. The monologues selected for each historical period are representative of the competitive material you might expect to discover at auditions. Each selection also includes a brief character analysis. This text is more than just a fine collection, however. It's also a how-to guide, with the first chapters presenting a blueprint for preparing auditions and selecting audition materials. The fundamental performance principle that Ratliff develops in the introductory chapters suggests guidelines and strategies enrich your distinct and individual audition style. There is also a chapter of interesting non-dramatic monologues adapted or edited from sources other than theatre play scripts that should challenge your skills in interpretation and characterization. Finally, there are a number of valuable resource materials that include selected readings, a survey of period dates, and a glossary of useful audition terms.

Grades 7 to 12

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