The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler a Novel-the Anointed

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Author A G Mogan

Publisher Independently published (October 12, 2021)

Binding Hardcover

Condition like new


VOLUME 1 - The Anointed

What happenings and environments wrought the most hated man in history? How does a child become a young man who evolved into a self-proclaimed messiah? Why did this one man become a psychotic who was responsible for the deaths of more than 50 million people? 

This book follows the first, formative years of Adolf Hitler's life. Presented as a personal journal, this is a fact-supported re-telling of a desperate existence, as viewed by Hitler, and tracks the points of pain that forged his beliefs. From a childhood of abuse and cheating death to an agonizing unrequited love to torturous years as a beggar in Vienna to finally finding his destiny. Enflamed by delusions, Hitler embraced the powers he believed guided his life. 

This is a story of dire happenstances that broke a mind and spirit, created beliefs that twisted innocence, ultimately morphing into a malicious brew that changed the world forever. 

This is the one story that's never been told.

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