The Second Happiest Day

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Author  John Phillips, the son of  writer John P. Marquand 

Publisher  Harper and Brothers 1953

Binding Hardcover

condition  First Edition Very good condition, tanning of pages and no dust jacket but no signs of wear


Discover the insights of a "Lost Generation" through the eyes of Harvard men in this book by John Phillips. It combines the measured prose of his father, J.P. Marquand, the briskness of Hemingway, and the flamboyance of Fitzgerald. Dive deeper into the privileged world of Harvard '45 and their second happiest day, with witty and insightful storytelling.

From a Goodreads review: The only work of fiction written by the son of John P. Marquand (my favorite writer). A tribute to the generation of returning veterans of World War Two, Phillips, like his father, captures the essence of eastern establishment blue bloods from private boarding school, their Ivy League colleges, and finally into adulthood. This book is a time capsule from a different, more polite age. Mix an old fashioned style cocktail and curl with this wonderful read.

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