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Author Bill Scheft

Publisher Harper

Binding Hardcover

Condition like new


Renowned humorist Bill Scheft stretches comedic singles into stand-up triples through the oddest of couples in this hilarious debut novel.

The Ringer by Bill Scheft is a comedic novel that follows the story of Harvey Rakowsky, a washed-up former pitcher turned private investigator. Harvey is hired to find a replacement for a recently deceased softball pitcher for a team in the Broadway Show League in New York City.

The book combines humor and mystery as Harvey navigates a series of quirky and absurd situations while searching for the perfect "ringer" to lead the team to victory. Along the way, he deals with eccentric characters, unexpected twists, and his own past as he tries to solve the case.

Scheft's novel is a light-hearted, witty tale that satirizes the world of amateur sports and the lengths people will go to achieve success, all while providing a humorous and entertaining read.

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