The Moon and Sixpence

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Author W. Somerset Maugham

Publisher Modern Library (Random House 1919)

Binding Hardcover cloth cover

Condition The binding is in excellent condition and there is no wear inside. There is a library stamp. This book is listed elsewhere for $500

Published shortly after World War I, the 1919 edition reflects the early reception of Maugham's work in the U.S., capturing the immediate post-war literary landscape. There are only a limited number of books of this age available to collectors. 


"The Moon and Sixpence" by W. Somerset Maugham is a novel inspired by the life of artist Paul Gauguin. It follows Charles Strickland, a disenchanted London stockbroker who abandons his family and career to pursue a passion for painting. Strickland's journey takes him to Paris and Tahiti, where his relentless quest for artistic expression leads to personal sacrifice and isolation. The novel explores themes of genius, obsession, and the cost of artistic pursuit.

Maugham's work significantly influenced 20th-century literature. His novels, short stories, and plays were widely read and acclaimed. 

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