The Lost World

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The Lost World DVD + Giant Gila Monster Silent Pic 

Silent Picture Classic Double Feature: THE LOST WORLD - A breathtaking silent movie filled with awesome special effects and thrilling adventure. This is the father of all dinosaur movies. When Professor Challenger is ridiculed for his statements that dinosaurs are alive and flourishing in the Amazon Jungle, he mounts an expedition, and soon the small band of adventurers, including big game hunter John Roxton, find themselves plunged into an astonishing world that time forgot - where giant reptilian behemoths rule the land. The film is based on a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - The fearsome Gila Monter is a terrifying beast - a venomous lizard that injects its deadly venom by chewing on its hapless victims with its razor-sharp teeth. Now, imagine this terror of the Southwest 200 feet long and looking to make a meal of the citizens of a small Texas town. Crawling across the plains, searching amidst the sandy dunes for victims to quench its unfeeling bloodlust, a murderous monstrosity of evil origin and unstoppable power, this enormous creature slithers straight from our nightmares and into shocking reality. Only a gang of rock and rolling, hot-rodding teens can save the public - and maybe the world. BONUS FEATURE: Included is the cartoon SUPERMAN: THE ARCTIC GIANT.

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