The Irish Countryman

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Author Conrad M. Arensberg

Publisher  Doubleday (June 1, 1968)

Binding  Paperback

Condition Very good


The Irish Countryman by Conrad M. Arensberg is a classic anthropological study of rural life in Ireland, based on fieldwork conducted in the 1930s. The book offers an in-depth look at the social structure, cultural practices, and daily lives of the people in County Clare. 

Arensberg explores various aspects of the community, including family dynamics, marriage customs, economic activities, and social obligations. He highlights the importance of kinship and the intricate network of relationships that underpin the rural society. 

The book also examines the influence of tradition and change, noting how the villagers maintain their cultural heritage while adapting to modern influences. Through detailed observations and insights, Arensberg provides a comprehensive and empathetic portrayal of Irish rural life, making the work a valuable contribution to the field of anthropology and a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Irish country people.

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