The Humor of Christ

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The Humor of Christ: a Significant But Often Unrecognized Aspect of Christ Teaching

Author Elton Trueblood

Publisher Harper & Row; First Edition (January 1, 1964)

Binding Hardcover 

Condition  Very good, interior like new some age tanning

Ours is protected by Brodart archival covering. There is slight wear on the edges of the dustcover


"The Humor of Christ" by Elton Trueblood explores the often overlooked aspect of Jesus Christ's personality: his sense of humor. Trueblood argues that understanding the humor of Christ can give us deeper insights into his teachings and the biblical narratives. The book examines various passages from the Gospels where Jesus’s words or actions could be interpreted as humorous or ironic. Trueblood suggests that Christ used humor to engage listeners, simplify complex teachings, and challenge established norms.

The book highlights instances like Jesus’s use of hyperbole (e.g., the camel going through the eye of a needle), playful dialogues with his disciples, and ironic critiques of religious leaders, which can all be seen as forms of humor. Trueblood’s analysis seeks to show that recognizing Jesus's humor not only makes his teachings more relatable but also enhances the richness of the biblical texts by showing a more multi-dimensional view of his character.

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