Two Books in One: The Healing Choice: Praying with Power

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Author  Lloyd John Ogilvie and Ron Lee Davis

Publisher Regal books 1983 reprinted by Guideposts

Binding Hardcover with dustjacket

Condition like new


"Praying with Power" by Lloyd John Ogilvie offers a focused approach to prayer, encouraging a deeper connection with God. Ogilvie, who served as Chaplain of the United States Senate, explores how prayer can transform lives by linking personal struggles to God's promises and power. The book provides guidance on making prayer a powerful and central part of daily life, emphasizing its role in spiritual growth and personal strength.

"Praying with Power" by Lloyd John Ogilvie explores how to effectively engage with God through prayer, highlighting the importance of sincerity and the readiness to receive God's guidance. It emphasizes the transformative power of prayer in personal and communal life.

"The Healing Choice" by Ron Lee Davis is a guide to finding God's grace amid various life challenges such as discouragement, conflict, and loss. The book outlines steps towards spiritual healing, emphasizing the role of divine grace in overcoming personal struggles and emotional pain.

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