The Fireside Companion to the Theatre

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Author  Ethan Mordden

Publisher Simon & Schuster Books; First Edition (November 1, 1988)

Binding Paperback

Condition  Very good with a small bend in the back cover corner


The Fireside Companion to the Theatre is a comprehensive guide that delves into the rich and dynamic world of theatre. It offers a panoramic view of theatrical history, covering significant milestones, influential playwrights, and iconic performances. The book serves as both an educational resource and an entertaining read for theatre enthusiasts and novices alike.

The narrative begins with the origins of theatre in ancient Greece and Rome, exploring how early dramatic forms laid the groundwork for contemporary practices. It examines the evolution of theatre through the Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern periods, highlighting pivotal movements such as the Elizabethan era, the rise of realism, and the avant-garde innovations of the 20th century.

Readers are introduced to an array of celebrated playwrights, from Shakespeare and Molière to Ibsen and Chekhov, whose works have shaped the theatrical canon. The book also profiles renowned actors, directors, and designers, shedding light on their contributions to the craft.

In addition to historical and biographical insights, The Fireside Companion to the Theatre offers practical advice for aspiring thespians, directors, and theatre-makers. It includes sections on acting techniques, stagecraft, and the intricacies of production, making it a valuable reference for anyone involved in theatre.

The book's engaging prose, complemented by rich illustrations and photographs, makes it a delightful read. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a passionate audience member, this companion provides a thorough understanding and appreciation of the theatrical arts.

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