How to Draw Monsters and Aliens

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Like new with only a bend in cover 

Author: Spencer Nelson


 This AWARD-WINNING book has proven to be a source of joy for artists, especially young artists. It enhances their creative skill by providing clear step-by-step instructions for creating imaginative creatures. It shows how simple inexpensive materials can be used to produce amazing pictures. "How to Draw Monsters and Aliens" CONTAINS VALUABLE TIPS & TRICKS NOT FOUND IN OTHER ART INSTRUCTION BOOKS, especially in the fantasy art genre. You'll find techniques for safely removing eraser crumbs; transferring a rough drawing to colored paper; building a drawing with colored pencils layer-by-layer; preserving a drawing with fixative; and, acquiring ideas for monsters from depictions of real earth animals and human anatomy. You'll discover illustrations showing how to make realistic monster eyes and how to make those eyes more sinister; how to make other realistic body parts like hands, ears, teeth, horns, skin, and hair; how to make drawings more authentic by understanding the nature of light; and, much more. LEARN MORE about the book and download FREE SAMPLE PAGES at


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