The Clinical Erich Fromm

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Author- Edited by Rainer Funk

Publisher Brill Academic Pub (August 12, 2009)

Binding Hardcover

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"The Clinical Erich Fromm: Personal Accounts and Papers on Therapeutic Technique" is a deep exploration into the therapeutic practices and psychological insights of Erich Fromm, a renowned psychoanalyst and social philosopher. This book presents a collection of personal accounts, essays, and papers that delve into Fromm’s unique therapeutic techniques, emphasizing the humanistic approach that defined his work. Contributors, including former students and colleagues, share their experiences and reflections, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of Fromm's methodologies and his profound impact on psychotherapy. The compilation not only highlights Fromm’s clinical interventions but also explores his theories on love, freedom, and human nature, making it an invaluable resource for psychologists, therapists, and students of psychoanalytic thought.

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