The Cash Landrum Incident

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December 29, 1980. Evening. A deserted road in southeastern Texas. Betty Cash's routine drive home is interrupted by an enormous blinding light hovering above her car. The intensity makes it impossible to continue driving. Passenger Vickie Landrum impulsively exits to have a better look. Her young grandson, Colby, screams from the back seat for her to get back in. But, before she can, what she now notices as a diamond-shaped craft speeds away at blink-of-an-eye velocity. Several low-flying helicopters with US military markings soon follow. The event known as The Cash-Landrum Incident; remains a mystery and an open case. 

The passengers of that car in rural Texas, the only civilian witnesses, were never the same. Soon after, all three become seriously ill with the same symptoms. Aerospace engineer UFO researcher John Schuessler spearheaded a quest for information, understanding, and medical help for these victims who were proven to be poisoned by near-fatal doses of radiation. Years of investigation and advocacy led to the government being compelled to answer questions under oath about alleged involvement in a UFO incident. This book is the only definitive account, including original photos, documents, and interviews with the victims.

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