The Awesome Limited Time Amazing Kreskin Holiday Bundle

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Happy Holidays MPM and Deb's Book Paradise Fans. Each year we bring you special gift bundles by some of our celebrity authors. We are all about fun and fans. Our first bundle is from The Amazing Kreskin. His name is synonymous with magic, mentalist, and entertainment. We will never know how he performs his feats of mysterious mental acuity, but we can bring home a little bit of his Magic through this bundle. We start with a reusable tote with an image of Kreskin with playing cards. Did you know he is the most feared man ever to step into a casino? You can find out why with the next item in the package: his new book titled The Adventures of the Amazing Kreskin. \n \nThis part graphic novel/comic and part pictorial memoir highlights the most exciting moments of Kreskin's career. As many already know, he is famous for having an audience member hide his check during a performance. He has to find the check through nothing but the power of concentration. He becomes so focused on the goal it has gotten him into some perilous situations. \n

And as if that weren't enough:

\nYou also receive a signed 8 x 10 photograph of the man himself. This is not a stamped signature, but a real one suitable for framing. \n \nThis entire bundle includes: \n \nThe reusable tote \n \nThe Adventures of the Amazing Kreskin book \n \nA signed 8 x 10 photograph of Kreskin suitable for framing \n \nYou can also add other Kreskin books at no additional shipping charge. Make the Kreskin fan in your home truly happy. \n \n  \n \n 

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