The Autoimmune Epidemic

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The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance--and the Cutting-Edge Science that Promises Hope

Author  Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Publisher     Touchstone; 1st edition (February 5, 2008)

Binding Hardcover with dustjacket

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A comprehensive investigation into autoimmune illnesses draws on up-to-date research to identify commonalities among such diseases as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and Type-1 diabetes, in a volume that presents evidence linking autoimmune disorders to chemicals and other environmental factors

**The Autoimmune Epidemic** by Donna Jackson Nakazawa explores the rise in autoimmune diseases in modern society. It highlights the increasing prevalence of conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 1 diabetes. Nakazawa investigates potential causes, including genetic predisposition, environmental triggers like chemicals and toxins, and lifestyle factors. 

The book emphasizes the impact of environmental pollutants and the role of the immune system in these diseases. Nakazawa discusses how these factors may disrupt immune function, leading to the body attacking its own tissues. She also explores the challenges faced by patients in getting accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Throughout the book, Nakazawa advocates for greater awareness, research, and prevention strategies. She calls for reducing exposure to environmental toxins and improving public health policies. The narrative combines scientific research with personal stories of individuals affected by autoimmune diseases, providing a comprehensive look at this growing health crisis.

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