The Antichrist Paperback

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In war it is necessary, not just to have adequate forces for attack and defense, but also to study the enemy's past and present strategy and tactics.  This is staff work, for which, in the everlasting Holy War against the devil, THE ANTICHRIST is a masterly text book, telling us the order of battle in past campaigns, briefing us on the dispostition of forces and the terrain in the present line-up, and preparing us for the forays and battles that lie ahead.  That a crucial campaign is already upon us cannot be doubted.  I thank God that there are priests and teachers like Fr. Miceli to act as His intelligence officer and ensure that the soldiers of Christ may know who are their enemies, however camouflaged, and where are the booby-traps and ambushes, and take heart in the knowledge that seemingly out-numbered and out-gunned as they may be, with God on their side victory at last is certain. Contents Foreword Introduction The Antichrist Revisited Is the AntiChrist Theology - Fiction? The Antichrist in Scripture The Antichrist and the Greek Fathers The Antichrist and the Latin Fathers The Antichrist in Medieval Thought Newman and the Antichrist Modern Shadows of the Antichrist The Antichrists Within Detente All Round: Catalyst to the Antichrist? The Apocalyptic Atmosphere Mary and the Antichrist Appendix: Dark Pieces on the Antichrist Acknowledgment Name Index


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