SAY KIDS! WHAT TIME IS IT? Notes From The Peanut Gallery

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This book is the first backstage history of the Howdy Doody Show, which transfixed children of the American Baby Boom between 1947 and 1960. 

The book also chronicles the behind the scenes crises in 1952 including a cast rebellion and the firing of the first Clarabell and other items of TV history. 

Ours is a library copy and is covered with archival protection. It is stamped "withdrawn."

Otherwise it is a great find. 


What a great jewel to find this book. It certainly is a collectors dream and gives some great insight into the real world of Buffalo Bob and the rest of the Howdy Dowdy Show (which I watched faithfully as a child in the 50's). Some of it I knew about (such as Clarabell became Capt. Kangaroo) and the rest was fascinating.

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