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Author Nicholas Sparks

Publisher  Grand Central Publishing; 2011

Binding Paperback

Condition like new


"Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks is a romantic thriller that revolves around Katie Feldman, a young woman who arrives in the small town of Southport, North Carolina, seeking a fresh start. She is mysterious and keeps to herself, trying to escape a troubled past marked by an abusive marriage. 

Katie gradually builds a new life, finding a job as a waitress and cautiously making friends. She grows close to Alex Wheatley, a widowed store owner with two young children. As their relationship deepens, Katie learns to trust and open her heart again.

However, Katie's past catches up with her in the form of her violent husband, Kevin, who is determined to find her. The story builds to a tense climax as Katie's new life and relationships are threatened by Kevin's relentless pursuit. Ultimately, Katie must confront her past to protect her future.

"Safe Haven" is a tale of love, resilience, and the power of second chances, blending romance with elements of suspense.

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