Retire Before College: The Secrets and Methods of Teen Entrepreneurs- Paperback

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In this instant Amazon-bestselling guide to entrepreneurship and personal finance, teen entrepreneur Nathan Sykes pulls back the curtain on the same journey he's using to attempt the impossible - retiring before 25 years old; younger than 99% of the population. In Retire Before College, Sykes shares how high school & college students can transform the way they think about entrepreneurship.

This book walks through everything, starting from how students should think about money and the concept of “financial freedom”, to the steps ready to propel their business into orbit, to the day that they decide to sell their venture to somebody else. Everything in Retire Before College is 100% based on real interactions with teen-led companies – there’s not a single page that’s just theory.

For the first time ever, Nathan pulls back the curtain on how he leads Howdy Interactive, a private equity firm specializing in the acquisition/management of micro-companies, while cramming in high school and extracurriculars. Whether you’re interested in retiring at age 25 like Nathan, growing your empire internationally, or just want to buff up your resume before college, Retire Before College is the blueprint.

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