Radiant Wellness- Paperback

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Radiant Wellness


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  • Mark Pitstick

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You have a miraculous, magnificent body. You possess a powerful mind with rich emotions. You are a timeless spirit being. Are you ready to live accordingly? In "Radiant Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Optimal Body, Mind & Spirit", Dr. Mark Pitstick teaches seven keys to looking, feeling, and being your very best--no matter what your current circumstances. With these understandings and techniques, you can learn how to experience a vibrant life full of service, adventure, growth, and enjoyment! Mark Pitstick is eminently qualified to teach holistic health care. He has over thirty-five years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling, clinical psychology, and holistic health care. He is a frequent speaker, workshop presenter, contributing writer, and guest on radio and TV shows. Mark is the founder of the Radiant Wellness Centers. His book was endorsed by Drs. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and others. Life can be an exciting and rewarding journey when you know the keys to fine-tuning your body and mind so your soul can shine through in every moment. Even the "bad" and challenging times can be magnificent adventures when you are spiritually awakened and optimally care for your self. As Lendon H. Smith, M.D. wrote: "Dr. Mark Pitstick is incredible; I really appreciate his insights. We do not know what the word holistic means until we have read this book. He covers all the aspects of body, mind, and spirit."

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