Psycho-Cybernetics Thoughts to Live By

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Format: Paperback

Condition: New

Author: Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Foreword by Matt Furey

Publisher: Thoughtworks Books a division of MPM


Be everything you want to be! Dr. Maltz said to people of all ages: "You are embarking on the greatest adventure of your life to improve your self-image, to create more meaning in your life and the lives of others. This is your responsibility. Accept it, Now!" If you accept his challenge and his advice-you will become a more alert, alive human being. You'll never regret it. With the help of his wise and sympathetic words, this book, based on the principles of Psycho-Cybernetics, will help you gain new courage and self-confidence, overcome tension and stress, and give your life more meaning. You will greet each day with enthusiasm and hope, learn to turn a crisis into an opportunity and make every minute count. In addition, you will gain tools to help you learn to relax, build a better self-image, throw off fear and frustration and rise above failure.

This classic reprint is part of a new Dr. Maxwell Maltz Library which continues to make Dr. Maltz's timeless work available to new generations.

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