Psycho-Cybernetics Conquest of Frustration-Classic Reprint

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Format: Paperback

Condition: New

Publisher: Thoughtworks Books a division of MPM

Author: Dr. Maxwell Maltz


The Conquest of Frustration is the action program by the renowned author of Psycho-Cybernetics that points you away from disappointment and despair toward a happy and zestful life. It shows the reader how to implement the principles of the most life-changing self-help discovery that is as relevant today as when Dr. Maltz wrote his flagship book in the 1960s. Psycho-Cybernetics means steering your mind to a productive, useful goal. Dr. Maltz wrote this subsequent book to reinforce his belief that when we are overcome with frustration, we steer our minds to unproductive, useless, destructive, annihilating goals. He recommends setting positive goals every day. As "it is the person who finds no purpose, no meaning in life who feels failure so intensely. You must make your own purpose... you must make your own meaning. No one else can do this for you." This addition to the Maltz Classic Library brings his timeless wisdom to a new generation. It can be bundled with his other reprints for a complete authorized Maxwell Maltz library.

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