Obsessive Love: When Passion Holds You Prisoner

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Author Susan Forward

Publisher Bantam; First Edition (May 1, 1991)

Binding Hardcover

Condition like new


In Obsessive Love: When Passion Holds You Prisoner, Dr. Susan Forward, a renowned therapist, delves into the dark and consuming nature of obsessive love. Drawing from her extensive clinical experience, Forward examines how intense romantic obsession can lead individuals into a prison of emotional turmoil, dependency, and destructive behavior. Through compelling case studies and practical advice, she explores the underlying psychological mechanisms driving obsessive relationships and offers guidance on how to break free from these unhealthy patterns. Forward emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-care, and establishing healthy boundaries as crucial steps toward healing. By providing strategies for recognizing the signs of obsessive love and techniques for reclaiming personal power, this book serves as a vital resource for anyone struggling with or affected by the grip of obsessive passion.

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