Munster Memories: a Mini Coffin Table Book

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Format: Paperback

Condition: new

Author: Butch Patrick


Join Butch Patrick and some of the biggest Munster fans as they reminisce about their love of this television classic! Take a look at the comics and collectibles and enjoy rare and never before seen art, photos and personal stories from the fans, collectors and the actors themselves.

What people are saying: 


POSTED BY JIM BISSELLThis book has very nice production value,color, black and white, good photo reproduction, nice paper, good binding, EXCELLENT value, a must for any fan of the classic tv show, the Munsters, GREAT JOB BUTCH !!

A true fan-oriented overview of what the television series The Munsters meant to boys and girls, men and women alike, growing up with the Munsters and how it has affected their lives and touched their hearts. Outstanding job by both Butch and the writers to communicate with fans and show appreciation for their loyal following.

Great book, with Great photos and stories. A great keepsake for any Munster Fan. I loved it.

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