Loneliness: It can be a wilderness. It can be a pathway to God.

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Author Elisabeth Elliot

Publisher Guideposts Edition in conjunction with Thomas Nelson 1988

Binding Hardcover with dustjacket

Condition like new


"Loneliness" by Elisabeth Elliot is a thoughtful exploration of the feelings of isolation that many people experience. The book discusses the concept of loneliness from a Christian perspective, offering spiritual insights and practical advice on how to cope with these feelings. Elliot argues that loneliness can serve as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, encouraging readers to turn towards God for comfort and purpose.

She uses personal anecdotes, biblical stories, and the lives of saints to illustrate how loneliness can be transformed into a meaningful experience. Elliot emphasizes the importance of community, prayer, and service to others as ways to combat loneliness. She also addresses the difference between solitude and loneliness, suggesting that time alone can be enriching and a way to deepen one's relationship with God.

Overall, "Loneliness" by Elisabeth Elliot provides a compassionate and hopeful perspective on how to handle and reinterpret feelings of being alone, urging readers to find strength and companionship in their faith.

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