Living Above the Level of Mediocrity

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Author Charles R. Swindoll

Publisher  Guideposts 1987

Binding hardcover

Condition Like new 


"Living Above the Level of Mediocrity" by Charles Swindoll is a motivational guide that encourages readers to surpass mediocrity by embracing excellence in their lives. Swindoll blends biblical principles with practical advice to inspire personal, professional, and spiritual growth. He addresses common issues like self-discipline and laziness, urging readers to adopt a higher standard of living through clear thinking and commitment.

Charles Swindoll is an esteemed evangelical Christian pastor, author, and educator. He is the founder and senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Swindoll is widely known for his radio program, Insight for Living, which broadcasts biblical teachings globally. He has also served as the president and chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary. His writing is noted for its practical application of scripture to everyday life.

Our hardcover copy is vintage because it is out of print and sought after. It makes a wonderful gift. 

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