Lincoln and His General T. Harry Williams

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Editorial Reviews


"An admirably planned and executed work which well fulfills the author's expressed hope that it will contribute both to the history and to the understanding of the American system."

American Historical Review

"The author's conclusions about Lincoln's war strategy are sometimes controversial, but his presentation is convincing. As a scholar Mr. Williams has drawn his facts from fundamental sources, and as a story-teller he displays a craftsmanship that holds the reader in suspense even when he knows exactly how the incident ends."

The New York Times

"It is an able and a fascinating book that Mr. Williams has given us. Although it presents the thesis of Lincoln's superior strategic grasp, it is not an argumentative volume. Rather, it is a full-bodied, swift-paced narrative....The reader will gain as clear and shrewd an overall comprehension of the Northern effort from this volume as from any other in print. And most readers will close the book, we believe, accepting the author's thesis."

Allan Nevins, Saturday Review


Written in 1989 and published by Dorset Press this hard-to-find book covers the history of the Civil War period from 1850-1877. The author writes about the story of Lincoln's direction of the War as President and commander in chief.

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