Judaism in the Beginning of Christianity Paperback –

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In this clearly written book, Jacob Neusner answers the central questions about the world of Judaism in which Christianity was born. He gives an overview of the history and religion of Israel and an analysis of the Judaic legacy as it endured among those who did not become Christians. He also discusses the troubling issue of the Pharisees and investigates the identity of the historical Hillel. This accessible book aims to speak directly to every student who is concerned with both the early and contemporary meaning of the Jewish and Christian faiths.


From a review:

I found this book very informative. Unfortunately today too many mainline denominations are unaware of their Jewish heritage and as a result, they are often confused by the translations they read. Researching older documents and studying books such as this can help greatly to uncover obscure facts. This book alone is not the only source for answers but it does help in gaining understanding.



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