It's Not About the Horse: It's about Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

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AUTHOR Wyatt Webb


BINDING Hard Cover

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Wyatt Webb blends horse sense with common sense in a revolutionary new form of therapy.

If you want to deal with your demons, it helps to make a pit stop in Tucson, Arizona.

His tools are not a leather couch and a standard therapist's stopwatch that informs you when "time is up." Time has been up for some of his clients for a long, long time. They are long overdue when it comes to changing their lives. And they want some help.

With Webb’s therapy, how you relate to the horse will tell what you've learned over the course of your lifetime and about how you relate to all living things. Wyatt tells his audience, "Remember one thing. It's not about the horse. It's about YOU." With his help you will learn a few ground skills that will keep you safe in any barn in the world. But your main goal is to look at what you've learned over the course of your lifetime and whether it works for you or against you in your relationships.

Wyatt states, "The horse is the same for every person who chooses to be with them. The horse will serve as a mirror to your energy system." (What you think, what you feel and every move your body does or does not make). "It's the person dealing with the horse who tells the whole story," he insists.

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