Inside the Manson Jury: From Deliberation to Death Sentence

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Author: Herman Tubick and Deborah Herman

Publisher: Micro Publishing Media

Jury Foreman Herman Tubick wrote this never before published book in 1973 culled from the notebooks and journals he kept while sequestered during the infamous Manson trial. The book was discovered in 2017 by their daughter as if Tubick and his wife Helen, both deceased, wanted the world to know the truth beyond the legend and speculation. This riveting book will interest even those not familiar with the case because it lays it out in logical order what evidence led to the verdicts and how Manson tried to control the outcome in any way he could. The book includes excerpts from the original trial transcript to show the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of a madman.


INSIDE THE MANSON JURY: FROM DELIBERATION TO DEATH SENTENCE includes editor's notes by Deborah Herman, lawyer/ journalist, and co-author of Dianne Lake's poignant and compelling memoir of survival, MEMBER OF THE FAMILY (Morrow, 10/24/2017) which is a disturbing and powerful testament of her time with one of the 20th Century’s most notorious criminal figures: Charles Manson. Lake was the final major witness in the nine-and-one-half-month trial. She was only aware of her own testimony. Lake says of INSIDE THE MANSON JURY: "Manson was a master manipulator. I am grateful to the jury for bringing him to justice."

Editor, Deborah Herman, a lawyer, and journalist, compared the original 20,000- page trial transcript with the manuscript based on the notes and experiences of jury foreman Tubick. While the jury was listening to the case as it was presented to them, Tubick took notes of the testimony he believed would be important in the deliberation room, as well as making note of Manson's courtroom antics. This book shows what was happening outside the presence of the jury, which explains the calculated decisions Manson made to disrupt the proceedings. From the beginning, Manson wanted to represent himself so he could "paint a picture of the thing that happened that the layperson could understand. He said his reality was not the same as the other reality and did not believe anyone could speak for him."

If anyone still has any doubt why Charles Manson was convicted of the crimes as a conspirator and whether or not he controlled his followers, this book should dispel those doubts. Manson, ironically, was his own worst enemy as can clearly be seen in the pages of this book. Tubick’s notes and the motions and testimony heard only in the judge’s chambers combine to reveal a much larger picture of deception and nefarious maneuvering. He undermined his counsel at every step and ultimately undermined himself. It is no surprise people are still fascinated with this case 50 years later. Jury Foreman Tubick and his wife had the foresight to leave this book for future generations even though at the time they couldn't possibly have anticipated there would be so much interest. This book contains complete summaries of the testimony including:



The book is sensitively written to pay homage to the victims. While Manson is a fascinating study on all levels, he was in the end a simple con man who, as a puppeteer, allowed others to live out his desire for revenge against a society that had rejected him. We see through Tubick's eyes, Sharon Tate's father's testimony as he, through tears of sorrow, identifies photos of his brutally murdered daughter. Each witness’s testimony is summarized as if the reader is in the courtroom as the case unfolds.

In INSIDE THE MANSON JURY, we see in detail the larger picture of the trial, and how, as Dianne Lake discovered while on the witness stand, the man she and the other girls thought they loved, really only cared about himself. He was willing to sacrifice them all for his own distorted sense of grandiosity.

The book is a must-have for any Manson aficionado. It can also benefit any trial lawyers who ultimately find themselves on either side of a sociopath.

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