Home Team Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life-Sean Payton | Ellis Henican- Hardcover

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Author:Sean Payton

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This book really gets your emotions going, I already knew a lot of the stories, some were told in much greater detail, and some I just love hearing over and over again, but so much of this material was new to me. That was a big surprise. I am known on most forums as the SaintsJunkie and follow every story, training camp, game, radio, or tv show about the saints, not much gets by me. So when Sean Payton fills in the details and tells his story and it has new material to me, that is saying something and I really enjoyed reading it, but I also think anyone that likes a story told by a great storyteller, then this is the book, you will love it. and you might learn a few things too. For example: how many light beers in does sean Payton need to speak to Gov. Naggin? Less than me.

loved this book, hope he writes one this season and gets bully miller to do some locker room stories for the book as well.


The inspirational true story of how one man led a football team-and a city- to triumph in Super Bowl XLIV. In the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Superdome became a national symbol of misery and hopelessness, where the truly desperate rode out the storm. Four years later, in that very stadium, the New Orleans Saints won the NFC championship and earned their first-ever trip to the Super Bowl. Two weeks later, the Saints soundly defeated the heavily favored Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in what would become the most-watched television event in history. This is the inspirational story of a city recovering from disaster and a team with a history of heartbreak, seen through the eyes of the coach who taught them both how to win.

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