He Wins She Wins

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Author Dr. Glenn P. Zaepfel

Publisher Thomas Nelson Inc (January 1, 1994)

Binding Hardcover

Condition Very good. Shows some age but otherwise is like new interior


"He Wins, She Wins" by Dr. Glenn P. Zaepfel focuses on strategies for achieving mutual success in relationships. The book outlines various methods for effective communication, conflict resolution, and understanding gender dynamics to foster stronger, more harmonious partnerships. Zaepfel's approach is practical, aiming to help couples find win-win solutions in their interactions.

Dr. Glenn P. Zaepfel is an author and relationship expert known for his work on improving communication and fostering mutual success in relationships. His expertise includes conflict resolution, understanding gender dynamics, and providing practical strategies for couples to achieve harmonious partnerships. Dr. Zaepfel's insights are grounded in years of research and experience in the field of relationship counseling and education. He aims to help couples create win-win situations in their interactions, contributing to stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

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