Foraging for Dinner: Collecting and Cooking Wild Foods Hardcover – January 1, 1975

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Dust jacket notes: "Have you ever dined on Milkweed Flower Buds with Noodles, with a side dish of Fried Puffballs? OR spread Fire Thorn Jelly on your Acorn Muffins? Or topped off a meal with a dessert of Mulberry Chiffon Pie? If not, you are missing some treats. This book will show you delicious new ways to turn common plants into uncommon meals. Dr. Russell brings all the expertise of a scientist, a nature lover, and a gourmet cook to this fascinating account of good eating in the wild. She takes the reader into meadows and woods, along railroad tracks, and around the family flower garden in search of plants wild or cultivated that can be turned into intriguing new dishes. She also points out the dangers, showing not only what to select but what to avoid. She tempers her suggestions to the time of year and the part of the country she is exploring. Then, with specimens collected, she presents the reader with recipes for preparing and serving the leaves or stems or flowers or roots. Perhaps Rose Petal Souffle sounds good to you. OR Rubus Roly Poly. Or Cottage Cheese Violet Salad. Or Persimmon Loaf Cake. Or Sorrel Soup. Or Day Lily Fritters. Easy-to-follow recipes for these tasty and exotic dishes, and many, many more, make this book a delight to read and a pleasure to work with."

Our copy has some tears in the dustjacket but is preserved in Brodart archival covering. The book is signed by the author: Helen ross Russell

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