Everyday Miracles: Holy Moments in a Mother's Day

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Author Dale Hanson Burke

Publisher Guideposts Edition in association with Word 1989

Binding Hardcover with Dustjacket

Condition like New


You'll laugh and cry with Dale Bourke as she tells how motherhood has made her vulnerable, taught her that love is not something to be earned, helped her recapture a sense of wonder, and given her an understanding of the miracle of God's forgiveness. 

"Everyday Miracles" by Dale Hanson Bourke offers an intimate look at the sacred and transformative moments hidden within the daily life of a mother. The book blends anecdotes and reflections to highlight how seemingly ordinary tasks and experiences can be imbued with profound spiritual significance. From the challenges of pregnancy and parenting to interactions with others facing their own struggles, Bourke weaves a narrative that is both personal and universally resonant. 

Through her stories, Bourke invites readers to recognize the divine touches in their own lives, encouraging them to appreciate the miracles that can occur amidst routine and chaos. This work serves as a gentle reminder of the strength, grace, and resilience found in motherhood, portraying it as a journey marked by holy moments that enrich and transform.

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